Ulter Sport Aluminised Performance Exhausts

Ulter Sport manufacture performance exhaust products using Aluminised mild steel for most applications and a choice of stainless steel for the premium range. Aluminised steel is mild steel with an aluminium-silicon alloy coating. The aluminium coating produces steel with a higher resistance to corrosion compared to basic mild steel. It also retains the properties of the mild steel for temperatures to around 800°C. This makes aluminised steel a good choice for performance exhaust systems, downpipes, manifolds and silencer boxes as well as other commercial applications such as water heaters, ovens and fire places. As a material to build performance exhausts aluminised steel offers a good compromise between affordability and product lifespan typically lasting 3-4 years but in some case as long as 6 years depending on usage. The more often the car is used the longer the exhaust components will last as water vapour has less change to form condensation which rots the exhaust form the inside. Ulter Sports exhausts in most cases benefit from being produced with a polished stainless steel tailpipe. This adds good looks to the performance gains and sporting exhaust tone produced when fitting an Ulter exhaust.